Glenn StewartEducated at Oxford University where he was a member of The Queen’s College, Glenn obtained a BA and an MA in Oriental Studies with an emphasis in Islamic History and Arabic language. He resided in the Middle East for 27 years working with Arab only businesses garnering him a unique and unparalleled view into both the business and cultural aspects of this challenging region. He is one of the world’s foremost experts in Islamic commercial law.

After returning to the United States, Glenn began his second career as a businessman/entrepreneur with significant interests in the entertainment and arts fields using his vast financial experience and investment capital to create and sustain successful future entertainment related businesses in film, television, Internet and theatre.

Subsequently as one of the few Americans with such extensive Middle Eastern banking, finance and geopolitical knowledge, Glenn authors a blog on Middle Eastern relevance globally as well as consults businesses and government entities.

Glenn is also a successful producer and contributor to the arts and has executive producer credits on films such as The Messenger, New York I Love You, The Lucky Ones, The Tournament, The Ministers, Flashbacks of a Fool and is currently working on a musical theatre project, The City Club.