Is Paris Burning?

These chilling words were spoken by Adolf Hitler in 1944. Yesterday, another enemy of humanity unleashed a horrific attack in the City of Light. However, the difference between Adolf Hitler and Ibrahim Al Baghdadi is that Hitler ultimately believed in the superiority of Western Civilization and sought to destroy only elements of Western Culture, such as Bolshevism, whereas at the heart of the ideology that Baghdadi and the Islamic State espouses is the destruction of the West in its entirety.

As usual there is ongoing denial in certain circles in the United States about the nature of the ideological element within Islam that drives the ideology of the Islamic State. Once again President Obama refuses to use the term Islamic terrorism and even described the attacks in Paris as “an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians.” This is unbelievable. It was not an attempt. It was a successful terrorist attack. He also said that “This is an attack on all humanity and the universal values that we all share.” This is patently not true.  The adherents of the Islamic State and millions of their supporters in the Islamic World do not share these values and make no mistake about it; they do have millions of supporters.

The willingness of people in the West, even well meaning people, to deny the nature of the threat that we are facing seems to know no bounds and is at times riddled with delusion. Even CNN has provided a platform to a pundit that claimed that this was an attack on Islam itself, thus with a word diminishing the horror done to the innocent people harmed by the attack and absolving the terrorists of their ideological bias which clearly and indisputably has its roots in Islam.

There are numerous justifications that the jihadis, rely on in their interpretation of shari’a which makes such killings lawful. The use of the term jihadi is yet another neologism that has entered English usage via political correctness in the ongoing attempt to try to define Islamic State or other radical Islamic groups as being somehow not truly part of Islam. Yet such a personage as the Sa’udi scholar Salman bin Fahad Al-‘Auda, in his book The End of History, asserts that the fall of America and the West exists in one word, jihad.

Another example is Abu Ayman Al Hilali, a leader of Al Qa’ida, who in an article published in Al Ansar justifies the killing of civilians in Western countries on the grounds that because citizens in democratic countries become full participants in governmental decision making by voting in elections that they are no longer considered “non combatants”. Therefore anyone in a country that is deemed to be at war with Islam is a combatant and my lawfully be killed.

Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi asserted that this participation in elections meant that the protected dhimmi status accorded to Christians and Jews was thereby voided. He also asserts that Democracy is a religion of paganism and as is well established in Qur’an, sunnah and tafsir, the killing of infidels (kufffar) is not only lawful but an obligation.

Thus, as France is deemed to be at war with Islam as a result of the air strikes it carries out in Syria against Islamic State elements, all persons in France become combatants and an attack such as the one that took place is justified. The harsh reality that so many in the West, including President Obama, continue to deny is that this is a war. This is not simply terrorism. These are not random acts of violence perpetrated by rogue elements. These are planned, orchestrated attacks with institutional support, both financial and logistic. The French now realize this. President Hollande has now said it explicitly; “It is an act of war prepared, organized and planned from outside with inside accomplices. It is an act of absolute barbarity.”

The Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls tweeted: “We are at war. We will take exceptional measures. And this war we will win.”

Hollande went on to say; “We will lead the fight and we will be ruthless, and we had to be here among the people who were subject to these atrocities because when the terrorists are capable of doing such acts they must know that they will face a France very determined — a France united.”

France has the military capability, particularly its special forces, to take this fight directly to the Islamic State in Syria. The question is; will they do it? Currently the Russians have a coherent plan to fight the Islamic state in Syria. This entails using their air force to support Iranian and Hizbollah forces on the ground to deny IS its resupply areas and to push them into the desert. This strategy is workable and can be effective. Will France now become a direct ally of Russia and Iran in this fight? Certainly France and Russia have a longstanding history of being allies. Their interests in containing radical Islam currently align. However, further increasing Iranian power in the region is not in the interests of the West but that will be one of the results of such an alliance.

Once again the best solution to this attack is for the United States to resume and assert its leadership role in the world and to take the lead in this war. Unfortunately we have abdicated our leadership role and to the extent that we do not assert control over events they will only get worse. Expect further attacks and the spread of such attacks, particularly in Europe. It is now clear that the Islamic state has used the Syrian refugee crisis to insert its agents into Europe to take this war into the heart of the West.

If you do not believe me let’s give the final word to one of the leading Islamic jurists in the world, Sheikh Yousuf Al Qarardawi, who wrote:

“And Romia is the city we name Rome, the capital of Italy. The city of Herqel (Constantinople) was conquered in 1453 by the young Ottoman, aged 23, Muammad Ibn Mourad, known by his nickname Muhammad the Conqueror. Nowadays, the conquest of the other city Romia (Rome) remains unfulfilled. Namely, Islam will return once more to Europe as a conqueror and as a victorious power after it was expelled twice from the continent…