As the senate battle over the Iran nuclear deal heats up with the pro Israeli Democrat Charles Schumer coming out against it, our fearless leader is attempting to foist yet another fantasy on the American people. I have to ask, is he delusional, stupid or some kind of crypto Shi’i fifth columnist?

His latest statement, “The choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war – maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon. He went on to say that without a deal that a future president would have, “one option: another war in the Middle East.”

These statements are unbelievable. They underscore  where the first delusion comes into play. We are at war with Iran in the Middle East already. It’s not a question of the future. There is no escaping that fact unless Obama has actually switched sides, which can’t be ruled out. Currently Iran is conducting direct or indirect proxy battles in Iraq against the Islamic State, In Syria against anti Assad forces including Sa’udi, Kuwaiti, UAE and Qatari proxies, all allies of ours, in Lebanon against Israel and in the Yemen against Sunni elements there which are backed by Sa’udi Arabia.

In support of Iranian ambitions in the Middle East the current administration has done a deal which will delay but not eliminate Iran’s nuclear program. However, by lifting sanctions the deal will enable Iran to provide further funding to its proxies and allies. That they intend to prosecute this war which is aimed largely at Sunni elements such as the Islamic State, Sa’udi Arabia and Kuwait is abundantly clear. That Iran intends to make common cause with our enemies is also clear. Recently, the head of the Al Quds brigade, the Iranian general Qassim Sulaimani travelled to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin. Doubtless they discussed price fixing arrangements in respect of Russian and Iranian caviar exports. This sinister alliance can only work against US interests in the region, not to mention the fact that Sulaimani’s travel is the first violation of the agreement.

The second delusion that Obama seems to be under is that there is the possibility of an “opening” to Iran, and the eventual thawing of relations with that state. Either is a complete fool or this is where we find out that he is a crypto Shi’i who actually has it in for Sa’udi Arabia and Israel. The current use of US power against the Islamic State is playing directly into Iranian hands. What we should be doing is creating a strong Sunni state in the Tigris Euphrates valley in Iraq and Syria based on traditional tribal elements as a counterbalance to Iranian influence in the region.

Instead, we are supporting Iran and it’s proxies in a war against the Islamic State that frankly, not only are we not winning, but we are in fact strengthening IS’s position. The use of Kurdish auxiliaries has already created blowback from Arab elements who think that we are backing a Kurdish land grab and are now aligning themselves with IS rather than come under a new US backed imperial arrangement headed up by Kurds, that they don’t want. Our attempts to organize and train so called moderate elements in Syria is a joke and a number of them have already been captured by Jubhat An Nusra.

The other question to be asked about Obama’s policy is; is he intent on selling out the Sa’udis?  If the Shi’a continue to make gains in the region, Iran will seize the opportunity to capitalize on them. At base, as I have said before, these complex, multi-sided struggles are a fight for control and dominance of Islam. The Iranians goal is eventually to control the haramain and to be the preeminent power within Islam. They also want their revenge on the Sa’udis and Kuwaitis for their backing of Saddam Hussein in the war against Iran from 1980-88 in which a million Iranians were killed.

But if you think that it is only recent history that informs the Iranians’ views, you are sorely misinformed. This fight goes back to the earliest days of Islam, as I have described before, and is a political and ideological struggle for the heart of Islam. Astoundingly, our government is currently aiding Iran in this struggle. So I ask the question again, Is Obama delusional, stupid or actually a traitor to our country who is wantonly disregarding the oath he took when he assumed office?