Abu Hazm

Abu Hazm was a Kharijite whose sermon from the pulpit in Medina in 747 AD summarizes the doctrinal position taken against the Shi’a (shi’at Ali) which is as valid in the eyes of Salafist groups such as ISIS (now the Islamic State today as it was 1,267 years ago).

“They assert that they hold fast to God’s book, but they openly oppose it with their own trivial discoveries and do not arrive at a profound understanding of the Qur’an, nor a penetrating knowledge of the law, nor an investigation of the pure truth. They disguise everything with their party interests. Their religion consists of devotion to a group whom they obey in everything that is asked of them, whether it is right or wrong, the false or the true way. They await a new era through the return of the dead, and believe in the resurrection before the Day of Judgment. They ascribe knowledge of the Unseen to a created being, a human being who does not even know what lies hidden in his own house, behind his garments, and within his body. The reproach tyrants for their crime, but will commit it themselves if they achieve power, nor can they avoid it, ignorant of religion as they are. They entrust themselves in matters of religion to an Arab family and claim that their client-relationship to these masters exempts them from good deeds and from the punishment of evil doers.”

From Sayyid Al Himyari (Agh XX p. 107)