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The Ever Shifting Sands

April 10, 2016adminMiddle EastComments Off on The Ever Shifting Sands

One thing that can always be relied on in the politics of the Middle East is that nothing is fixed and that the politics, alliances and downright collusions are as shifting as the sands of the Rub Al Khali.
This week the Bahraini foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa came out with a statement that Iran was the biggest threat to peace and stability in the region. This is not surprising coming from a mouthpiece of the Sunni minority government in Bahrain but it is instructive of the hardening of the sectarian divide in the region. He went on to declare, in lockstep with the Emiratis and the Sa’udis that they now considered the Iranian proxy Hizbollah to be a terrorist organization. Continue reading →

Is Paris Burning?

November 16, 2015adminMiddle EastComments Off on Is Paris Burning?

These chilling words were spoken by Adolf Hitler in 1944. Yesterday, another enemy of humanity unleashed a horrific attack in the City of Light. However, the difference between Adolf Hitler and Ibrahim Al Baghdadi is that Hitler ultimately believed in the superiority of Western Civilization and sought to destroy only elements of Western Culture, such as Bolshevism, whereas at the heart of the ideology that Baghdadi and the Islamic State espouses is the destruction of the West in its entirety. Continue reading →

A Turn for the Worse in Syria

October 23, 2015adminMiddle EastComments Off on A Turn for the Worse in Syria

The fluid and unfortunate civil war in Syria is becoming more complex almost daily. The insertion of Russian forces into the conflict augurs ill for any return to stability in the region and portends more suffering for the Syrian people. The Russians are intent on propping up the regime of Bashar Al Assad and protecting their only client in the Middle East. Their intervention is a clear signal that the Assad regime was in trouble. Despite their professions that they want to stop the advance of ISIS, one can be certain that they will also try to defeat other opposition forces that threaten the regime, particularly ones that may potentially be aligned with the United States. It is obvious that Putin knows that Obama is weak and he will take full advantage of this fact. Continue reading →


August 13, 2015adminMiddle EastComments Off on YET ANOTHER MIRAGE IN THE DESERT

As the senate battle over the Iran nuclear deal heats up with the pro Israeli Democrat Charles Schumer coming out against it, our fearless leader is attempting to foist yet another fantasy on the American people. I have to ask, is he delusional, stupid or some kind of crypto Shi’i fifth columnist?

His latest statement, “The choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war – maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon. He went on to say that without a deal that a future president would have, “one option: another war in the Middle East.” Continue reading →

Nuclear Deal Reached With Iran, But Does It Glow In The Dark?

July 17, 2015adminMiddle EastComments Off on Nuclear Deal Reached With Iran, But Does It Glow In The Dark?

The deal on Iran’s nuclear program reached and announced on Bastille Day seems to be a bit of a mixed bag. The Obama administration is touting it as a win as it limits Iran’s ability, in theory at least, to develop nuclear weapons for the next ten years. Although it reduces its stockpiles of enriched uranium and mothballs its centrifuges the possibility for Iran to cheat on the deal exists. Would they do that?  Various spokesmen have indicated that the inspection regime is tight enough to prevent cheating from happening. Continue reading →

The Sa’udi Succession Redux

May 6, 2015adminMiddle EastComments Off on The Sa’udi Succession Redux

The recent changes to the succession in Sa’udi Arabia instituted by King Salman bin Abdel Aziz have unleashed a flood of speculation as to why. The changes have according to the Sa’udi statements on the subject been endorsed by the Allegiance Council and given the way that consensus politics within the Kingdom work that is probably true.

The removal of Muqrin Bin Abdel Aziz from the line of succession strikes me as a bit surprising given the legitimacy that all of the sons of Abdel Aziz have enjoyed. If one has to guess and more often than not, that is the case in analyzing all matters to do with politics in the Kingdom, Muqrin was a protégé of the late King Abdullah and does not enjoy widespread support among the senior Princes. Continue reading →

The Saudi Succession

January 25, 2015adminMiddle EastComments Off on The Saudi Succession

The appointment of Muhammad bin Naif as deputy crown prince by the new King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdelaziz is the strongest signal possible that the family has come to a consensus on the transfer of power to the next generation. It has been widely speculated that there could be substantial infighting among the princes when the last of the sons of Abdelaziz were gone. This appointment confirms what I have said previously, that the family values its hold on power above everything else and that they would hang together. Continue reading →

Takfiris serve US objectives: Leader

November 30, 2014adminMiddle EastComments Off on Takfiris serve US objectives: Leader

The Grand Ayattollah Ali Khamenei continues to spew nonsense into the world’s airwaves. The following from the presstv website is yet the latest example of the fatuous remarks of the so called Miracle of God. Not only are the “Crusaders” in the Obama administration in bed with the Zionists but they are actually pulling the strings of the Islamic State itself!! Continue reading →