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The Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

January 10, 2019adminMiddle EastComments Off on The Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

In reading all of the reports in the Western press concerning the killing of Jamal Khashoggi I have noticed one gaping hole in the analysis; and that has to do with why the Saudis really killed him. All of the press reports have focussed on the way in which he was killed but have not reported on the social or cultural framework under which the Saudis’ actions were informed. In other words, the entire analysis has been filtered through Western eyes, Western thinking and Western cultural attitudes and assumptions and has ignored the local norms and thinking that led to his killing. Continue reading →


November 12, 2017adminMiddle EastComments Off on REQUIEM FOR A PRINCE

The arrest of Prince Waleed bin Talal bin Abdelaziz Al Sa’ud and several other princes in Saudi Arabia is a clear sign that the new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdelaziz Al Sa’ud (MBS) intends openly to govern Sa’udi Arabia as the absolutist monarch that he is. Up until now the key ruling princes of the Al Sa’ud family have used a combination of patronage and force to maintain power, in other words a mailed fist in a velvet glove. The glove is off.
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Shaking Down The Qataris

July 7, 2017adminMiddle EastComments Off on Shaking Down The Qataris

There are two key issues that lie at the heart of the recent attempt by the Saudis and the Emiratis to exert power over the State of Qatar. The principal one is at its heart about money and is nothing less than a shakedown. The secondary issue is about power and is tied up with the Qatari succession and the Saudis view of the independence of that state.

I am informed that the dispute started when the Emiratis complained to the Qataris about the level of the charges that the Qataris were levying for the transmission of natural gas from fields in Abu Dhabi to the LNG plant in Qatar. The Qataris refused to reduce the charges. Continue reading →

The Saudi Succession Redux

July 1, 2017adminMiddle EastComments Off on The Saudi Succession Redux

The recent change in the line of succession in Saudi Arabia took a number of observers by surprise but I understand that it had been carefully planned for some time. I have always assumed that when it came time to transfer power to one of the grandsons of Abdelaziz that it would go down one of the Suderi lines but could never predict which one. In a sense it was a win at the roulette table for Salman bin Abdelaziz. In front of him in the succession were both of his full brothers Sultan and Nayef. The former may have ascended to the throne, the latter would certainly have become King except for his untimely death. That might have left him as the kingmaker and arbiter of the succession and not Salman. Continue reading →

A Realignment of American Middle East Policy?

May 22, 2017adminMiddle EastComments Off on A Realignment of American Middle East Policy?

It was interesting to watch President Trump’s speech to the assembled notables of the Arab and Islamic world today. Besides the obvious climb down from his anti-Muslim rhetoric during the campaign, the most striking aspect of the speech was the clear realignment of US policy in the region in favor of our long standing Sunni allies. The Obama administration had moved the US away from its traditional allies, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt in his overtures to Iran which culminated in the deal over Iran’s nuclear program. The question still remains as to why he did this. Did he believe that an overture to Iran was his Nixon moment and that his legacy would be that of a peacemaker towards one of America’s most hostile enemies? If that is the case then he was merely deluded. Continue reading →

Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose

October 17, 2016adminMiddle EastComments Off on Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose

Given the ongoing jihad that the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Jamaat Al Islami, Jamiat Ahli Al Hadith and other Islamic organizations have declared against the west it is interesting to note that nothing much has changed in respect of the beliefs, ideologies and actions of these contemporary holy warriors compared to their various antecedents.

The roots of this ideology goes back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad but the contemporary jihadi movement is most heavily influenced by the Hanbali jurist Ibn Taymiyyah (1263-1328) who rejected the idea that the so called greater Jihad referred to the interior moral struggle of believers. Continue reading →

Will The Saudis Get The Bomb?

June 27, 2016adminMiddle EastComments Off on Will The Saudis Get The Bomb?

One of the possible consequences of the US nuclear deal with Iran will be for Saudi Arabia to start to develop its own nuclear capability. The deal with Iran, if adhered to does not stop Iran from eventually developing nuclear weapons merely pauses that development. During this period it gives the Saudis time, if they choose to begin a program of their own.
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The Confusion of US Policy Towards Saudi Arabia

April 25, 2016adminMiddle EastComments Off on The Confusion of US Policy Towards Saudi Arabia

The current visit of President Barack Obama to Saudi Arabia and the GCC has highlighted a number of elements of confusion in US policy towards the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has been a longstanding strategic ally of the United States in the region, albeit with reservations when it has pursued its singular interests. However, so has our ally Israel, which has consistently put its own interests first when they have clashed with US policy interests. They have consistently defied all US attempts to halt the expansion of the settlements in the West Bank. Their lack of co-operation with fair-minded efforts by various administrations to create some workable structure to diminish, if not resolve the dispute with the Palestinians in pursuit of their own objectives is hardly the action of a friend. In fact, they have gone so far as to have actually launched a sanctioned military attack on a US Naval vessel which resulted in the deaths of 34 US servicemen and the wounding of 171. Continue reading →